Contracting Conditions


The Legal Warning published in this webpage identifies the owner as described in accordance to the established terms of the Art. Nr. 10 from the Law of Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce in the Spanish Law, and contains information on the policy regarding the protection of personal data.

The products displayed in this Web page are meant for consumption, and this is the reason why the transactional contract is settled at the moment when the client submits the order confirmation. For this reason, MOLGRA, S.L.U recommends the complete reading of the present legal warning and its general conditions, before proceeding with orders.

The present contract is settled within the legal framework established within the Rules of the Electronic Commerce by the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information, and of Electronic Commerce, considering Law 7/1996, of January the 15th for arrangements on the retail commerce, taking into account Law 7/1998, of April the13th, on general conditions of hiring,  and the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, of November the 16th, by which the refunded text of the general Law for the defense of the consumers and users and Law 3/2014 has been approved, on March the 27th . The contracting Terms are as following.

Features of the Products

The characteristics of products presented in this site appear on the screen, underneath the visual identification of such.


The effective prices will be applied as shown on the webpage at the time of finalizing the order. The price of products is detailed next to each item visually. It does not include the VAT, the tax is to be applied at the moment of presenting the purchase invoice.

Lenguages for making an order

Spanish, English and French.

The steps to follow in making an order

In order to make the order, the user needs to be registered. In the case of not being registered, he or she will have to facilitate some personal data, and to accept the Legal Warning regarding Privacy and its corresponding Policy, and the contracting conditions, receiving a name of user and a password. In case of being registered already, the user will only have to facilitate the userīs name and the password.

The user will have to select the articles that are of his / her interest, select the desired quantities of each selected item, and finally click in the corresponding button to add the selected items to the shopping cart. At any time you can review the content of the shopping cart, where you will be able to check the selected articles and their price without VAT.
Furthermore, the user has the possibility to include some observations in his / her order. From the very last window, before sending the order for confirmation, there exists the possibility to correct, change or cancel the selected products.

When the User has finished choosing the products and reviewing the order, he or she clicks the option “Make the order”. Once the process gets finalized, the user receives an order confirmation.

Order Follow-up

When the order is finalized, it can be printed out by the User.

Order Confirmation Receipt

Whenever the company receives an order through the Web page, it sends a confirmation e-mail to the User within the 24 hours following its reception, excepting the case when such delay corresponds with a holiday or a week-end. In this case, the order confirmation is sent during the following working day after the order reception.

Forms of payment

MOLGRA S.L.U. offer different payment means, that are agreed with the Client at the moment of registering him or her as a Client within our Data Base.


In accordance to the arranged Terms as exposed in Art. Nr. 71 from the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, within the General Law for the Defense of the Consumers and Users, the buyer can proceed with returning the goods he or she bought within fourteen natural days following the reception of the merchandise, as long as such goods satisfy one or several criteria as mentioned below:

- The acquired article does not work, or it is broken, or it misses some of the components that are mentioned in the productīs description by Molgra S.L.U.

- The Customer bought an article by mistake. In this case the return of such an item can be processed, as long as the item arrives Molgraīs warehouse in the same state and conditions as it was formerly shipped out. In the case of sealed products, they can be returned as long as the seal has not been opened.

- The Customer did not receive the product that has been ordered. In this case the customer gets paid back on the basis of the shipments where the tracking numbers confirms that the missing item could not have been received.

If the client satisfies with some of the conditions above described, the return of the article might be processed, taking into account that the shipping cost is charged to the Client, with exception of those items that were sent to the Client erroneously. The product expected to be returned has to be sent to MOLGRA S.L.U.

Once the returned item has been received by MOLGRA S.L.U, and its conditions verified, the Customer gets paid back in the form of a credit note booked into his / her account. No order cancellation, and no return can be accepted, when the delay for return/cancellation has been exceeded.

Shipping and Transport Conditions, Delivery Delays

Shipping costs
: The charge for shipment is not included in the price of the products displayed in the Web. The conditions related to shipment costs are set with the client when he or she opens an account with us in our data base. In the case of products returned to MOLGRA S.L.U., (Art. 44 of the Law of Arrangement of the Commerce), the shipping expenses will be the responsibility of the client, excluding the cases where the return is caused because of articles sent erroneously. 

Price Policies

MOLGRA S.L.U reserves itself the right to unilaterally modify the price of the products presented on this website. The same prices set on the products will be applied for billing at the moment of finalizing the order, to make sure that the client receives the correct price of the products.

Doubts or Claims

The user can address his doubts, claims or questions regarding the orders to:


Direction: Av. DE CERVERA nš16, 25300 TĀRREGA, -LLEIDA-, SPAIN.

Phone number: +34 973 31 23 04