Josep Graells Palou y Regina Coll Visa

founders of Molgra



MOLGRA S.L. is a family-owned company dedicated to the art and picture framing business. Its roots go back to the forties, when the parents of the current owner started their commercial activity under the name MOLduras - meaning Moulding- GRAells, which sealed our origin, MOLGRA being our current name so far.

Over the years the company has been growing through its focus on permanent innovation, using the presence of its extended sales force committed in serving and customizing personally the needs of its clients, and through the support of its revolutionary delivery service that has been running for more than 30 years.

We provide our customers with more than 5.000 referenced items in frame mouldings, which get renewed constantly, depending on the last market trends that we detect, so that we keep our product up-to-date, as an "avant-garde" asset.

The third generation of owners is already in command, monitoring opportunities in emerging markets, and the present needs of our customers. Its permanent search for innovation ensures a bright future including major projects and growth.

With the idea of improving our production process, we are building our 15.000-square-meter new headquarter, where the manufacturing of frame mouldings will be centralized, including later other divisions of the company.

FORNIT, a MOLGRA registered Brand -also being permanently renewed- aims at providing customers with the most complete set of accessories and support items for the framing activity, from frame assembly machines, clips, adhesives, Beaux-Arts, adjustments, backs, etc. With more than 10.000 referenced items we present an exhaustive sample of passepartouts and a major collection for foam boards.